We Will Rock You




Latrobe Theatre Company are excited to announce our Directing Team for the 2020 production of “We Will Rock You!”


Artistic Director: Michelle Carrigy

Choreographer: Christine Ross

Production Manager: Kate Dougan


We are still accepting applications for the following Production Roles:

  • Musical Director
  • Assistant to the Artistic Director
  • Assistant to the Musical Director
  • Assistant Production Manager
  • Assistant Choreographer and/or Dance Captain

All enquires should be sent through to secretary@latrobetheatrecompany.org.au

The Information Session for “We Will Rock You!” will be held in late-January, more exciting information coming soon!




Featuring the music of Queen and the wit of Ben Elton!


300 years in the future, conformity reigns – people wear the same clothes, listen to computer generated music and are oppressed by the Killer Queen. Musical instruments are forbidden and rock music is unknown.

But in the latest graduating class, a young man called Galileo hears a different sound, a sound that will lead to love, rebellion and a whole new form of music.